Can Using a Sports Handicapping Service Help You Make Money on Sports?

Millions of people bet on sports and they’re all looking for ways to gain an edge over their bookie or sportsbook. The thought of being able to bet on the games, watch the excitement and make money is obviously appealing!

Because of the lure of making money, many people end up paying “sports handicappers” for picks that are supposed to make them money.

However, is it worth doing so?

This is a topic that brings about a lot of debate! Many people preach that you should never use these services as they claim that they are nothing but scams.

Other people have had sports handicapper success using them so obviously see no problem in it.

The reason why some people are so opposed to the idea is that there are many scam handicapping services out there. There are many that are not professional handicappers, but rather just salespeople that randomly pick teams and use high pressure sales tactics to get customers.

They will often make outrageous claims such as them being able to win 70% of their plays (no one wins that many – pros will usually win 55-60%) and try to convince people that they have “inside info”.

These false claims are clear warning signs – a quality handicapping service should never pressure you into signing up.

Unfortunately, these scam artists have put a black mark on the industry even though there are legitimate sports handicapping services available. As I’m sure you know, some people make great money betting on sports, so it only makes sense that some of these services provide their clients with quality information.

I always suggest looking for a service that doesn’t make outrageous claims and is honest about what to expect when it comes to their winning percentage.

Also, look for a service that offers a moneyback guarantee. If they know that what they provide works, then they shouldn’t be worried about offering this type of guarantee.

Lastly, don’t spend an arm and a leg. Some services will charge hundreds – even thousands of dollars – for just a couple weeks worth of plays. You can find quality picks for much less if you look in the right place.

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