They say in business if you wait until everything is perfect, you’ll never achieve your objectives, because it’s impossible to have all the details in place in such a complex world. In other words, you’ll never start if you wait until everything is perfect, and then you will miss the opportunity. Now then, I do tend to believe in those words of wisdom, and I was never one to criticize perfection or not attempt to seek it, but rather I understand how elusive it can be, and how irrelevant it is much of the time. Indeed I’d like to talk to about this for a moment, in the context of a grand opening for a new business.

In this case study I would like to use an industrial mechanical type of business, rather than a typical storefront or professional type service. The reason is because so much has been written about that before, and I can tell you in my personal business library I have a number of books that have to do with marketing which have whole chapters on these topics. Now then, I would like to talk to you about some of the grand opening strategies for an automated truck wash.

Not long ago I was having a discussion with someone in this industry, and it appears to me that it’s hard to get your original volume going, to let everyone know what you’re doing, and to have vehicles lined up ready to be washed. Volume will not come out of thin air, and massive advertising costs a lot of money. Besides that, if you are very busy when you first start, you are liable to make mistakes, have challenges with the quality, and therefore hurt your reputation when it matters most, when you’re just starting out.

Now then, here is something I can recommend when you first start out in a business like this to get the volume going. First, it makes sense to be bold in business. Victory usually goes to the 7 Ways to Implement Real-Time Fleet Tracking bold, and those with the strongest will to win. If you trust yourself, and believe in what you’re doing, you’re halfway there. That of course is what an entrepreneur is all about, the unbelievable sense of optimism and belief in self. That’s the key. Well, it’s one of the keys, it is an important component. Also, it makes sense to have a good strategy.

Now then, here is one strategy that I believe would be wise. That is to tell everyone in town that owns a fleet of vehicles or a fleet of trucks that you will give one truck wash per driver for the first week in business. Another strategy is to tell the owners of all the businesses and their managers that they can bring any vehicle in to get a free wash, as long as they bring it in themselves.

Lastly, another strategy might be wise is to tell the owner of the company with a fleet of trucks;

“Tell you what, help me adjust my system for your type of truck and I’ll give you a free wash, bring in any truck, even your dirtiest one! As long as you are the one who brings it, it’s on me!”

Indeed, giving away free truck washes is a bold idea, but that’s what it takes in battle, and that’s what it takes in business. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.