For the Sexy Bride – Fabulous Bridal Lingerie

Choosing your bridal lingerie is just as important as picking out your wedding dress. Your guests may not be able to see what’s underneath your dress, but the most important member of your wedding party surely will appreciate your efforts in picking out the proper lingerie for the occasion. You may be required to look prim and proper outside, but who says you can’t let your naughty side emerge with your choice of sexy bridal lingerie? It’s the perfect way to enhance your excitement and overall mood for your much-anticipated wedding night.

Today’s new trend of bridal lingerie comes in different designs and styles. You will now find sexy and sensual bridal lingerie designed particularly to suit your taste and to fulfill your unique needs. Whether you’re going for a soft and lacy babydoll or teddie, or an erotic see-through number, you can be sure that you’ll find bridal lingerie pieces that will suit you and showcase your personal lingerie preferences.

Types of Bridal Lingerie

There are numerous versions of nearly every type of lingerie created bridal dress hong kong especially to be worn by brides on their wedding day. Bridal lingerie is designed to have enough support to carry heavy dresses while accentuating the bride’s curves.

If you’re looking for great support, you can go for the bridal bustier. The bridal bustier has a solid construction that softly defines your figure while providing support for heavy dresses You can pair your bridal bustier with a lovely white thong, smooth and sexy stockings and even lacy garters for added appeal.

Although white is the traditional color for the bride, most modern brides today opt to go with black to add some contrast to their nice and pure image. Most wedding dresses today are constructed in such a way that black lingerie won’t show from underneath the layers of white fabric.

If you’re feeling a little more daring or you want bridal lingerie that emphasizes your gorgeous figure, then a bridal corset is the perfect choice of bridal lingerie. The corset is designed to accentuate your waist while lifting your breasts to showcase or create the illusion of a full bosom. If you plan on using a bridal corset, just make sure the corset is laced in a way that it gives you enough breathing room.

For informal wedding dresses or sleek gowns, you can go for casual bridal lingerie. Not much different from the typical bra and panty set, this type of bridal lingerie bares enough skin to let you show off your beautiful assets. Invisible bras, push up bras, nipple covers and self-adhesive disposable bras are all created to help provide minimal covering to your breasts, giving them room for maximum exposure.



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