How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost?

One of the best options of paid advertising online is Facebook Ads. This is Facebook’s advertising network which exclusively displays your ads on the network of Facebook. The major advantage of advertising on Facebook is that you can target Facebook users with much more specificity than with any other advertising network online.

This is because people on Facebook freely give out their personal information and their interests when filling out their profiles. With this information  post free ads online   in mind, you can target individuals on Facebook with literally an infinite number of parameters. You’re not limited to interests, however. You can also search by geographic location, and all kinds of personal information such as specific ages.

If you want to make an ad which only applies and will be seen by 45-year-old women who watch Glee, you can do that on and only on Facebook. This more precise targeting method yields a much healthier click through rate and a much healthier conversion of your goals.

Of course a lot of people are wary of using paid advertising because of the obvious cost associated with it. It’s not nearly as expensive as you would think, and article will identify just how much you can expect to pay by explaining how much do Facebook ads cost.

A number of factors determine how much do Facebook ads cost. First off, just like with AdWords you will get a quality score for your ad depending on a number of things. Facebook looks at your website which you are directing your traffic towards, then it looks at how well it relates to the ad which you’ve just written. Sites of higher quality (more content, frequently updated, lots of backlinks, high page rank, etc.) will get you a lower CPC (cost per click).

Another thing which factors into determining how much do Facebook ads cost is the popularity of the niche which your ad targets. More popular topics which are used by other Facebook ads users are going to go for a higher cost. Less competitive niches are going to be cheaper conversely.

Your click through rate also plays a large role in determining how much your Facebook ads cost. The higher your click through rate, the less you have to pay. The idea here is that more relevant and generally better ads lead to a higher click through rate. Higher click through rates means that you have put together a valuable ad and Facebook rewards you with a lower cost per click.

Your click through rate is easily the most dominant factor in determining how much you’ll be paying. You may be surprised that your CPC has dropped dramatically and inexplicably after your ad has been live for awhile. This is because your click through rate has performed well.

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