How Retro Sweets Appeal to Kids

I haven’t known any kid who hates sweets. Even when I was younger all of my childhood friends love sweets. Being a preschool teacher most of my time are spend with kids and there ain’t nothing in the world that they love the most but sweets. From candies, cbd oil reviews Canada chocolates, gummy candies, and whatnot as long as it tastes sweet – they love it! I have also noticed that even their parents give them something sweet for the snacks or lunch. The sweets section in the canteen is also a big hit for them. Having said that it occurred to me if the kids of today will also love the traditional retro sweets that I have grown enjoying with?

After wondering for a while, I thought of bringing some retro sweets to school as a prize for the mini classroom talent show that we’re having. I also have brought enough sweets for the class. Although it was a part of the mini event that we’re holding it’s also a survey for me. I was thinking is the preference for sweets also change just like how fashion and other trends do. Will the traditional sweets of yesterday still appeal with the new generation?

Curious of how the kids will react to the retro sweets, I dropped by the local candy shop and looked around their selection. It has been a while since I have last had my share of these delectable treats. I used to love sweets very much when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I still love sweets but it’s not that often that I have the change to indulge in the irresistible sweetness of candies and chocolates. From time to time my mom and brother would send me some sweets and if have the chance I buy them myself from the candy shop or grocery stores.

After a while of looking around the selections, I didn’t notice any retro sweets of any sort. I immediately asked the candy shop sales personnel for assistance. To my dismay, they don’t sell any retro sweets at all! They only have the contemporary sweets we all see in groceries and convenience stores. I almost lost hopes when he gave me numbers and addresses of the other candy shops in the city. Well, at least I still have other options.

The mini classroom talent show was set on Monday next week, on Saturday of the week I drove to the city and checked the candy shops that were referred to my by the personnel in the local candy shop in our area. It took me a couple of hours before I finally found one that sells retro sweets. I was really surprised because unlike the other candy shops, they sell nothing but traditional sweets! Looking at their selections brought back happy memories of my childhood

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