LG Televisions: Pioneering the Development of Consumer Electronics

Regarded as the second largest daily wire on samsung tv producer of TV sets worldwide, this distinction does not come as a surprise. When LG Electronics was born, it initially delved into the production of television sets and produced black and white television sets for domestic sale. Then known under the Goldstar brand, the LG tag came much later and today, it is one of the leaders in the production and development of Digital TV technology.

LG Televisions became the pioneer in the development of electronics in their country, producing the very first collared TV in Korea; this says a lot about their knowledge in this area. Another first would be their creation of the world’s first 60 inch PDP Television in the latter part of the 90’s. And at the turn of the millennium, LG was on the fast track in becoming the worldwide leader in the production of the LCD TV.

First off, LG Televisions that are presently produced come in a variety of models depending on the features and technologies they have. The higher end models have received the LED enhancing technology, this is basically an LCD TV that has been installed with LED backlighting to enhance the image quality output, some models have full LED and others have only the LED technology. Then there is the regular LCD TV with the CCFL backlighting which has some models at the entry level, this series remains as some of the bestsellers in the market today. Then there is the Plasma TV, the higher contrast TV that has still remained the pinnacle in large screen TV viewing. To add more to this line-up, LG has added 3D capability to some of the models, mainly on their LED and Plasma TV line-up on the premium series.

This multitude of technology and enhancements is what made LG Televisions extremely popular. Aside from being a true HDTV with some of the clearest, sharpest, most vibrant colours, smooth transition, and the finely detailed images that can be seen in flat screen panel TVs today, they also have some of the most stunning and impressive designs that is being offered on their LG Televisions. Many of their LED TV has a design that pushes the boundaries, literally. The LG LED TV has a seamless design and an ultra slim body that can easily enthral any visitor to your home. It doesn’t only look good when it’s turned on, it also looks enchanting when it’s turned off. With their new LED TV, LG has been able to seemingly travel to the future and bring back TV design and engineering to our time.

The LG Plasma TV is also something to behold, both in sight and in sound. Design wise, it looks sleek and sexy with its slim ultra thin casing, and inside is a wonderland of innovative features which includes the TruBlack Filter to enhance the contrast, a 600Hz refresh rate for smoother imaging, and LG’s Dual XD Engine for exceptional accuracy in colour, clarity beyond belief, and superior resolution.

Plus, current LG Televisions has some models on the premium levels which has been THX certified. Both in their LED and Plasma TV, THX represents quality like no other, it’s what cinematic quality is all about. And with such certification on their imaging quality, you are sure that you are getting a TV beyond compare.


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