As primitive as the days when man was armed only with a sharpened primitively fastened onto a long stick; the act of hunting is embedded within us all. We have a desire, a need, an instinct if you will to arm ourselves with bows and arrows or firearms and ammunition, and provide food for our families.

To hunt means to search, to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to take that in which we seek. Depending on your local, you can hunt from anything as small as a squirrel or rabbit, to as large as a deer, bear, moose or elk, and even something in between such as coyote, raccoon or turkey. Check with your state office to determine what you may hunt, the guidelines for what you may use to hunt, and for the dates allowed to hunt.

Ladies, do not think that hunting is just for men. Today, more and more women are joining the hunt. Retailers and manufacturers are now manufacturing and enticing more women with such things as bows, arrows, and hunting clothes with pink camouflage instead of the traditional green and brown.

Women are not the only ones becoming more involved in hunting. Children as young as ten are gearing up and hunting right besides their mothers and fathers, thus making hunting a family event. “I like to hunt, but do not like to eat the meat. I do not want to waste it, so what do I do,” you may ask. There are organizations that you can donate your latest kill to (you must call and donate the animal within a certain amount of time of the animal being killed) and then the organization will process the meat and give it to families in need. What a wonderful way to live your passion and give back to your community at the same time!

If you are a hunting enthusiast and you want to hunt for animals that are not in your local, such as elk, there are hunting adventures you can go on for a fee. Entire farms and ranches are dedicated as a hunting sanctuary and you are paired with a guide that knows the area and the animals habits to help ensure your chances of ‘bagging’ your animal of choice.

If you are someone who absolutely cannot get enough of hunting, there are hunting shows galore on television (check with your provider for listings) and there is now even a channel dedicated to nothing but hunting. These shows not only feature men hunting such things as deer, elk, moose, and bear; there are husband and wife teams, family hunts, and also a show dedicated to teenagers and their various hunts.

Hunting refers to many animals and for hunters of all ages and locations. Whether this is your first hunt or your thousandth, to ensure you safety and others; always be mindful of the season, other hunter’s location, and wear your ‘hunter orange’ to signify to other hunters that you are a person and not dinner.