Newspaper Reporters Press Lightly on Compulsive Playing Addiction

Websites designed to help people overcome their playing addictions have also been contacted by television associate producers and reporters so that you can obtain information about individuals who have been affected by compulsive playing addictions. In most cases, they are looking for individuals to come forward and share how their lives have been impacted by local playing establishments. In the majority of these cases, people feel anxiety about embarrassment from friends and family and therefore, are not happy to discuss how their lives were affected.

I was recently contacted by BET nightly news. They called for help to locate people who lived within a specific geographic area whoever lives were affected by tap30bet playing. Out of the five individuals I found, all repudiated to discuss their situations or allow anyone to interview them for anxiety about recognition.

Through my website, I Stopped Playing So Can you
I have been fortunate enough to meet people of different backgrounds and learn about their playing addictions. They have allowed me to share with you their stories with others as long as I assure them that their names will be kept top secret. I have shared some of these situations with reporters and associate producers with the hope that the message would reach the political figures.

One politician I mention with said he was trying to pass a law that would prevent people from using their credit cards to buy lottery and scratch tickets at local convenience stores. At first I thought this became a joke. People who want lottery tickets will get them with or without a charge card. Lawmakers need to see the larger picture. Most people who live within 60 miles or less from playing establishments, are negatively impacted.

It’s been about a decade since the casinos opened in the state of Connecticut. People are spending more of their money there and not at the local businesses and stores. Lawmakers need to realize that casinos grow very quickly in size due to the amount of money people lose. The amount money lost to playing could be have been used to boost our economy instead.

The truth is political leaders love the revenues generated by the casinos. This makes them look good to the voters because they need not increase taxes. Do the political leaders care that the economy is being negatively affected? Based on my knowledge and experience of this type, I predict that in under five years the destruction caused by playing establishments will be seen. This can be avoided if people are educated and given the truth about this private addiction.

In speaking with reporters, I have also asked why they don’t disclose the direct relationship between the amount of growth a casino has and the amount of money people lose by playing. They have no response. The media enjoys canceling to everyone about the one individual who wins a million dollars. The media doesn’t mention that Casinos take in regarding green million dollars a day from slot machines alone at the same time they report the million dollar winner. It’s this distorted view that sends people down the road to self devastation by hoping to win big just once.

The operators at playing establishments are very carried away people. In some states, cent video poker machines were recently introduced as a way to attract seniors and lower income families. They believe the video poker machines allow everyone to play such as those on social security and contentment and not just the rich. The truth is they don’t worry about whom they hurt or how many lives are destroyed. The one solution I have learned is that all playing establishments do not discriminate. If you have money, they will happily take it with a smile.

Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT ran a promotion in which they shipped out $50 dollar vouchers so that you can bring people into the casino. In one week I heard from over fifteen people who actually used these vouchers but lost anywhere from one hundred to over a thousand dollars in just one visit. The casinos know how to draw people in. To avoid provocation, compulsive bettors have asked to be taken off the email list. Unfortunately, playing establishments don’t care and will still send you information, but not as often. During the christmas, casinos shipped out $400 and $100 dollar vouchers for people to use at any of the gift stores located in their establishment. Since it’s the holidays they know bettors buy gifts too, but once they get the gambler back into the casino, they’re connected once again. Is it unfortunate? Or was this just mind games to get the gambler back?

Based on the statistics, playing addiction is on the rise and the economy is in trouble. Is there a relationship between the current economy and playing establishments? When will the political figures intensify and help these people? It’s up to the people to take a stand and hopefully the political leaders will intensify and help these people out.

I have an extensive background in working with compulsive bettors, friends and family of bettors and teenage bettors. I believe there are many alternatives to help in the recovery of a playing addiction. A large percentage of emails I receive are from compulsive bettors looking for alternatives to Bettors Unknown and twelve step programs. Programs such as these help numerous people each year but there is a larger percentage that needs an alternative. These are people that I am trying to reach.

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