Quti Smoking Weed Today – How to Get Started

It is hard to stop smoking pot. I know it is, and you know how? I used to smoke it like crazy myself, but once I decided to stop, I was finally able to get out over it. The main thing that helped me to become clean is taking that first step and decide that I was going to do whatever it takes to quit. I struggled a little bit at first, but I have been clean and much happier for over a year now.

Write Down Your Plan.

Well, this is extremely important if you really do want to successfully stop smoking pot. It took me some time to fully understand it, because I really didn’t want to put my entire day down on a piece of paper, but this is crucial. You have to have a plan of action, or you’re going to lose this tough battle. Once you have that plan, you have to put it somewhere where it’s always in front of you. The simple act of writing it down will solidify your desire to be successful.

Get Rid of Temptation.

This might seem pretty obvious, but you’d really be surprised if you saw how many people that say they want to stop smoking pot don’t have the guts to do this. I mean, they think since they paid for it with their own hard earned money, they should have a right to smoke it. That’s understandable, gras online kaufen but if you really want to quit, then you absolutely have to trash it.

If you don’t do this, when the withdrawal symptoms come, you’ll be much too weak to resist the temptation to smoke. By the way, if you do decide to get rid of your pot, don’t just put it in the trash can where it’s easy to dig out. Go ahead and flush it down the toilet. This way, you’ll never have access to it again. Throwing it away can be incredibly empowering. It is a physical action that shows you have control of marijuana.

Learn About Withdrawal.

When you want to stop smoking pot, learning about withdrawal is very, very important. You have to know what to expect and prepare yourself for it so that you don’t panic when those symptoms actually come. I mean, one of the most common withdrawal symptoms is excessive sweating. It won’t hurt you, but if you’re not actually ready for it, it can be quite strange and cause extra anxiety unnecessarily.

Are you sick of being a slave to weed?
Have you tried and failed to quit before?
Do you want to avoid withdrawal when you quit?


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