US Green Card Lottery – Benefits and Online Registration

Green Card is an identification document issued by United State Government that confirms the bearer as the lawful permanent resident of United States.

Benefits of US Green Card

A green card holder, being the permanent citizen of US, has all the rights to enjoy the benefits offered by US Government. Permanent ltobet immigrants are able to leave and enter US as and when they want without the risk of being denied for visa. They have right to apply for the financial aid for education, sponsored by US Government.

Students with permanent immigration status have to pay three or four times less tuition fee than the foreigners pay for the US colleges and universities. They have more job opportunities as they are permitted to work in any company located in US. They have permission to start their own business. They have almost all the legal rights under US law, which are available to US citizens, except for the right to vote.

The rights described above are not even half of the number of benefits, a green card holder enjoys at US. This is the reason, most of the foreign nationals working or studying in US dream to attain permanent immigration status. Moreover, people who have never been to America, also dream to get a job there first and then green card, in order to become permanent US resident.

US Green Card Lottery

US Government has provided foreign nationals with the easiest way to get permanent immigration, i.e. Green Card lottery. The US Green Card lottery is also known as Diversity (DV) lottery. DV lottery makes visa available to approximately 50,000 immigrants through the lottery. This visa allows them and their families to stay and work in US on the permanent basis.

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