Wicker and Rattan Patio Furniture

With rattan patio furniture you can achieve a look of relaxed comfort and beauty not
possible with other types of outdoor furniture. Modern day wicker is carefully
treated with several processes to preserve the woven material and protect it from
the forces of nature. Here on our website you can explore the many designs made
possible by the weaving process of rattan patio furniture.

You will find rattan tables of many sizes, rattan chairs, ottomans, chaises, stools,
and many other interesting and unusual rattan products. The open weave of wicker
and rattan patio furniture allows for better air circulation and makes it suitable for
warmer climates. Rattan furniture also comes in combination with other materials,
to produce pieces which take advantage of the best qualities of both.

You can create a simple patio eating area, or an entire “living room look” for your
patio or deck. Wicker patio furniture comes in natural materials, as well as synthetic
materials with the look and appeal of wicker. The synthetic wicker is better for areas
where weathering is more of a problem. Natural wicker works in a more protected
outdoor environment, like a screened porch. It is also great for indoor uses.

Online you can find woven wicker patio furniture, such as chairs, rockers, loveseats,
and chaises, tables, wicker bamboo tea carts, bamboo bars with wicker barstools,
wicker planters and plant stands. For indoor use there is even more variety available
– practically any piece in any room you can imagine can be constructed in wicker.

If you want to add country charm to your back deck or yard, you should look into
the furniture patio wicker styles Wicker Porch Furniture that are available for purchase. One thing to
consider when optioning furniture patio wicker sets is that they may not hold up as
well in weather elements as other furniture like wrought iron, aluminum, plastic or
teak wood.

If you have a sunroom with a covered roof, then furniture patio wicker chairs or
sofas might be just what you need. People that live on the oceanfront seem to be
drawn towards the nautical country feeling that wicker chairs seem to give. Another
great thing about this material is that it is rather lightweight and can sometimes get
more comfortable the more you sit in the chairs.

With furniture patio wicker sets, you can choose from a variety of colors like white,
natural, evergreen, chestnut, redwood and more. Be sure to look into the length of
time that your wicker piece is meant to last. Also, don’t forget to purchase some
nice cushions and pillows to spruce up your patio furniture set! You can also add
accessories in wicker like a plant stand or side table, or even an umbrella stand!

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