World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips – Money Making Professions

Still undecided on which professions you should pursue? If you’re looking for World of Warcraft gold making tips, then you’re probably leaning towards professions that will bring you some decent money. There are several to choose from; you are only allowed to pick two primary professions, but you can have as many secondary professions as you want. You can even combine the skills from your chosen professions in order to increase your earnings.

The first of these profession-oriented World of Warcraft gold making tips focuses on the best primary professions to choose for earning gold. These would be the gathering professions, which consist of herbalism, skinning, and mining. You can make good money even at low levels by harvesting herbs if you choose herbalism, collecting hides and leathers from several different creatures if you choose skinning, or mining for stones, gems and metal if you decide to be a miner. These items are fairly easy to gather and sell. Even if you haven’t found higher level items yet, you can still make plenty of money selling all of the lower level items that you have gathered.

If you’re looking ahead to the future and want to be able to earn more gold at higher levels, then follow these World of Warcraft gold making tips geared towards the crafting professions. These professions include tailoring, jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, and leatherworking. Once you reach the higher levels, you will find yourself creating items to sell that can fetch high prices at the auction house. Armor, gems, weapons, and bags that are difficult to find elsewhere can be huge moneymakers for you. Combining one of these with a gathering profession can help you earn even more money down the line, such as choosing mining and blacksmithing. An advantage to this approach is that Buy wow gold  you will be earning gold at both lower and higher levels.

The following World of Warcraft gold making tips will help you if you decide to pursue the more mystical professions of alchemy or enchanting. If you are an alchemist, you can sell the potions, elixirs, and transmutes that you create with your skills. Healing potions are always in demand. If you choose enchanting, there are two ways for you to earn gold. You can enchant items for other players to use in order to make money, and you can also disenchant items in order to sell the components for a decent profit.

As for secondary professions, the only one that is really worth pursuing if you’re in it for the money is fishing. You can find yourself reeling in some surprisingly valuable items from the waters, from certain types of fish to chests containing gems. Fishing will not make you instantly rich, but you can gain a steady cash inflow if you decide to focus on this profession.


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